2020-21 Season Tryouts

Ironbound Elite understands the very significant impact COVID-19 has had on families, players, coaches, as well as in the broader communities here in the metropolitan New York area and beyond. While we are preparing for the season to start in September, we are ready to adjust if need be – we will plan for “normal” but be prepared for whatever the “new normal” may be. Even in these challenging times, we continue to work hard for our athletes and their families, and in that spirit, we are posting our hockey updates.

As everyone knows, tryouts were postponed indefinitely by the Atlantic District in March. On May 2, 2020, the Atlantic District announced the guidelines for player selection for the 2020-2021 season. Ironbound Elite will be offering player contracts on June 22. There will not be on-ice tryouts due to the contagiousness of the COVID 19 virus. If you are interested in having your daughter skate on an Ironbound team for the 2020-21 season, please email info@ironboundhockey.com 


To read more about our season update click here.

Ironbound Hockey plans to field five (5) teams for the 2020-2021 season:

  • 19U Premier
  • 17U Elite
  • 16U Premier
  • 14U teams - 2006 and 2007


  • Question: How does my daughter advance to NCAA hockey as a player in the Atlantic District/Metropolitan area?
  • Answer: Ironbound Elite. We are an athlete-first program. We don’t look at the win % column as much as we look at the daily habits of our players.

We train more.  We specialize in individual player development. We take each player and develop their game from three facets:

  • Athleticism - At the start of each season each player will be tested both off-ice and on-ice. We will conduct age-appropriate testing to provide benchmarks to hit.
  • Hockey IQ - Each team will have access to video review sessions throughout the year. All games held at our home facility are recorded.
  • Attention to Detail - We provide hands on-instruction to correct players' skills set through our coaching staff. We look to provide tools and skillsets that allow players to become confident on the ice and transfer those skills in the arena come showcase time.

We schedule smarter. 

We focus on quality over quantity.  Our teams play at showcase events that are held at top venues and desirable scouting locations ensuring exposure to college scouts for those players who want to play college hockey.



  • 2 weekly practices weekend training
  • 3 x 3's,  instrumental in player development as they increase puck touches, force players to make quick decisions, develop spatial awareness, and passing.
  • Local exhibition games
  • Showcases/tournaments - 7-9 showcases (TBD) per team in locations to maximize exposure. All teams will compete in the National Girls Hockey League (NGHL).

Showcases Ironbound teams have attended in the past: Beantown Classic (Boston), NGHL CT Labor Day Showcase, NGHL OSU Big Ten, NGHL Granato Cup Championships in St. Louis, NGHL MLK Showcase at Providence College and Brown University, and NGHL New York Showcase at Cornell University, Elmira College, and Colgate University.

College Advising & Advocating

All Ironbound players receive college advising and advocating. We look to place every player in an appropriate college program (should they wish to further their hockey career). We are proud that, at the conclusion of the 2019/20 season, we have players moving on to Holy Cross (NCAA D1), Princeton University (NCAA D1), Hobart and William Smith Colleges (NCAA D3), Anna Maria College (NCAA D3) and Neumann University (NCAA D3).

Questions about our program? Email us at info@ironboundhockey.com