Neutral Zone is a first-of-its-kind hockey scouting and news site which identifies, ranks and profiles NCAA (Div. 1 & Div. 3) and CIS prospects from across North America. Over the past year and a half – our clubs’ entire existence – we’ve been fortunate to have had a number of our Ironbound players called out in the publication.  We’re strategic in the events we send our teams to, ensuring that we provide our player’s exposure, and it’s gratifying to have our players acknowledged this independent review.

Rochester Fire on Ice U14, November 15, 2019

Neutral Zone attended Fire on Ice in Rochester, NY. The event featured many of the top girls teams across 5 divisions -10U to 19U – from across Canada, the United States and Russia. 

Lola Bentancourt #33 (Ironbound Elite U14, G, 2024) – Bentancourt is very strong down low and can get across the crease quickly. She controls her rebounds well and can track the puck through a lot of traffic. Faced many odd man rushes and found ways to make saves to keep her team in the game. Has a strong glove.

Alison Giebler #10 (Ironbound Elite U14, D, 2023) – An offensive defender who isn’t afraid to pinch and pressure in the offensive zone. A smart, heads-up player when getting back on the backcheck, Giebler picks up trailing players. Uses self-reverse well in the defensive zone to escape pressure.

Keira Modder #92 (Ironbound Elite U14, F, 2023) – A smart and aggressive player, especially when stepping up in the neutral zone. Modder makes hard passes and moves well with and without the puck. Has good vision of the ice and makes smart choices on the breakout.

Caleigh Murphy #22 (Ironbound Elite U14, F, 2023) – Smart with the puck, Murphy moves well laterally and up ice when carrying the puck. She creates good scoring chances in the offensive zone and is good at changing directions with speed.

Madeleine Smith #8 (Ironbound Elite U14, D, 2023) – Smith has good positioning, especially on the penalty kill. Moves well with and without the puck. She holds the offensive blue line well and has a good shot that creates scoring chances.

NIT U19, November 5, 2019

From October 17th to 20th, Neutral Zone attended the in Minneapolis, MN. Top teams from across the United States and Canada participated within the U16 National Division and the U19 American Division. The following is a report of 59 top performers from the U19 American Division.

Alexis Campbell #93 (Ironbound Elite U17 Major, F, 2022) – A defensively responsible forward, Campbell reads and anticipates the play well, providing good defensive support in all areas of the ice. Has a quick stick and angles well on the forecheck. She can handle the puck and plays strong along the boards.

Two Nations Detroit U17 2018, October 2018

Neutral Zone was in Detroit for the Two Nations College Prep Series on October 26-28th. The following report focuses on the top performers from the U17 female division of the tournament. 

Jenna Caballero #12 (Ironbound Elite U16, F, 2022) – Has smooth hands and puck confidence. Caballero has decent speed and knows when to pinch. Played defense and overall did well against Gilmour, she showed versatility.

Paige Kehoe #10 (Ironbound Elite U16, F/D, 2021) – Kehoe has a good defensive stick and the ability to make smart dump-in plays and break out choices. She is physical and will skate the zone, could be more effective with improved speed.