Ironbound Hockey Association is committed to improving the development, safety, and welfare of its players and all members involved in hockey and our organization. Therefore, it supports the USA Hockey SafeSport Program and requires all players, coaches, and members to fully participate.

Ironbound is committed to improving the skill development, the safety and the welfare of our athletes. The SafeSport Program is designed to provide clear guidelines and expectations for all players, coaches and organization members on:

  1. abuse or misconduct prevention strategies
  2. appropriate behavior
  3. effective response to concerns

Unfortunately, youth sports can be a place where misconduct, including child physical and sexual abuse, has the potential to occur. This Ironbound approved document will provide the guidelines for appropriate behavior in hopes that the risk of abuse will be minimized. These measures, while aimed at protecting youth, also serve to better protect adult coaches and volunteers

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USA Hockey SafeSport Program

A set of Policies and Procedures that assist organizations in the prevention of child abuse and misconduct as well as required training; screening and background check program; reporting and responding policies; and how to monitor and supervise. For more information on the USA Hockey, SafeSport Program visit

The SafeSport Program is designed to prevent abuse and maximize the safety of our participants. The SafeSport Training is part of the Program and is intended to heighten awareness of those that are in supervisory positions over youth participants in our game.

The SafeSport Coordinator is the gatekeeper for the SafeSport program for the association and will report to Ironbound management. 

The SafeSport coordinator must: 

  • Act as primary contact for the association and communicate all information back to the program owner
  • Will coordinate all communications out to the association regarding the SafeSport
  • Be up to date on the reporting policy, be the intake person for all reports


If you have an issue regarding safety, etc., please reach out to Ironbound’s SafeSport Officer, Brittany Warnock at