Spring Training

Homegrown NCAA Clinic

At Homegrown NCAA Clinic, led by Sam Cheema, we are dedicated to providing top-notch training to aspiring ice hockey players in the community. Our focus is on three key elements that we believe are essential to the development of any hockey player:

- Skill Development - Our goal is to enhance the technical abilities of each player and to equip them with the tools they need to succeed on the ice. We use a combination of individual and team drills, along with hands-on instruction, to help our players achieve their full potential.

- Fearless Play - Our coaching philosophy encourages players to take risks and apply their newly acquired skills in game situations, without worrying about restrictions or limitations imposed by their coaches. Our aim is to cultivate a confident, dynamic and creative style of play that can make a real difference on the ice.

- Exposure to New Experiences - We understand that players need to be exposed to a variety of techniques and approaches in order to grow and evolve as players. Our training program provides opportunities for players to learn new skills, work with different coaches, and participate in various tournaments and events. Our focus on exposure helps players to see beyond their current limitations and to discover their full potential.


At Homegrown NCAA Clinic, we believe that there is no need for players to leave their local area in search of high-quality coaching. Our methods have proven to be highly effective, and we are confident that our program will help players to reach their goals and succeed in their respective seasons.


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